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Buying my NEX(t) system, or not?

June 18, 2014

I have found my experiences of travel (primarily) and photography (secondarily) much more fulfilling when i have had fewer things to keep track of. I prefer to focus on my trip — basically I don’t want to let switching lenses and switching bodies and fumbling with bags and gear get in the way of what should really be a transformative, eye-opening experience.

Which, for the main part is the reasoning behind my decision to sell most of my camera gear. 

Replacing my G9 (so far) is the Fuji X20. It has very fast AF, but poor IQ over ISO 100 and a short battery life. Shorter than the G9 which is saying something. Im thinking this needs to be replaced by the Sony RX-100. What else is there?

Replacing the D300 is a far harder task. I used it the other night to shoot the formal shots at a wedding (I was called in to help at the last minute as the photographer was running late). Nothing else would have sufficed.

Mirrorless is the way to go, I guess, but only the OMD (on paper) probably keeps up in terms of AF, overall handling and IQ – with the right glass. Still, that’s another system and that may mean I leave it at home more often than not which is the primary reason to replace the D300. 

I’ve not yet tried the Olympus cameras, but I have examined two other systems:

Panasonic Lumix G3: decent IQ, good AF, EVF, but has a clunky feel, slow operation when using the menus, and a piss-poor battery life. Really bad. 

Sony NEX-7: decent IQ, great handling, easy to shoot one-handed with eye up to the EVF, great battery life, odd and slow AF (perhaps the Sigma 30/2.8 lens I have been using is part of that problem. Dunno.

So what are the deciding factors for me:

Lenses: In terms of lens availability here in Israel, M43 trumps the rest. Sony glass is hard to find so that may be what tips me in favour of M43 systems. 

IQ and autofocus: My feeling is that IQ and AF are covered by the majority of medium-level M43 systems, 

EVF + slim form factor: the jury is still out there

Battery life: the jury is still out there