Ode to the Sony NEX-7

It’s been a few months since I parted company with my Sony NEX-7, a camera that I had grown to love over the year I owned it. Unfortunately unemployment and the need to pay the rent took precedence and I was forced to sell all my gear. The only reason I still have a Fuji X100 is because the ad I placed generated the least interest.

Sunset, northern Israel border

The N7 became a favourite of mine thanks to it’s great IQ and handling. The battery life too was a plus, even though it came nowhere near to DSLR levels, it sure beat most mirrorless cameras and I never ran out of power when on the street or travelling.

1st shot

During that year I only shot her with a single lens – the original Sigma DN 30/2.8 which proved to be more than adequate perhaps some 80% of the time. The other 20% was an exercise in frustration, and I had many missed images. I’ve since learnt that both the N7 and the Sig were to blame. Not an ideal combo; and perhaps I would have had better luck with the Sony 35mm and maybe even the Zeiss 16-70/4 but – again – due to my lack of work I wasn’t able to invest in new lenses. Also Sony kit is pretty scarce where I live.

Now that I’m on the verge of employment I’m starting to think about some new gear. I wont buy right away; but I can say it will be Sony, have WiFi, use a lens that goes as wide as 24mm, and macro and portrait capabilities would be nice too.


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