Samsung Kies

I just updated the firmware on my Samsung Galaxy S from Froyo to Gingerbread.

I had a number of problems and decided to detail them here in case anyone else has similar problems.

  1. Go to Settings / Wireless and Networking / USB Settings and select Samsung Kies
  2. Launch Samsung Kies desktop app
  3. Connect your Samsung Galaxy S to your comp and wait for it to be recognised by the Samsung Kies application. Then follow the instructions.

The other problem soon came up whereby Samsung Kies would simply hang and present the following message:

“Preparing firmware upgrade components “.

This keeps on going – I shut it down twice in frustation, then let it run overnight – six hours later the message was the same.

I read online that the problem may be connected to the 3G USB modem dongle I use to get online – for some reason Samsung Kies has a problem with it.

Today I connected my laptop to the office network, got online and the update proceeded smoothly.

That’s it. Not so difficult once you know what to do – good luck and enjoy your Gingerbreaded Samsung Galaxy S!


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