Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

Be friends with people who add value to my life

I choose to be with people who are part of an enlightened community; who are good for me.

Pray / Meditate

Find that space in me that is quiet and still – that is of God – and rest there – rest my thoughts, my breathing, trust I am in the embrace of God with every step and thought, and rest myself and send good wishes to close ones, neutrals and the world.

Daven (Tefillin; Tehillim and say The Shmai twice daily) and attend shiurim / dharma talks.

Say, “Yes” to opportunities

At work and at play – saying “Yes” to things that may change my life for the better.

Develop an attitude of gratitude

As advised in the movie The Secret, I’ve found a “Gratitude Rock” that I keep by my bedside and every time I reach over to turn on/off the lamp I am reminded to express my gratitude for what has come my way during the day. In line with this I will also be more giving.


I know how good it feels to be healthy, I’ve been there before and I know how hard it was sticking with that lifestyle but it was worth it. I want to start Yoga, I want to cycle again, I want to go to bootcamp and get my ass kicked by the trainers, and I want to drink more water; drink less alcohol.

Take my qualifications to the next level

I’ve been working since ‘89. first in graphic design, then journalism and later in PR, CorpComs, MarComs and now, Business Development and marketing of IT companies in developing nations.

The latter is a relatively new career for me and I’d like to take it further. Fortunately I am working part time and this means I will have time to study.

But what to study…?

Cheers to a new year and another chance to getting it right!


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